The ramifications of terrible waste management

Skips are among the most convenient and feasible ways of moving waste and undesired goods. As such, you’ll want to make sure that you choose one next time you need to do this. We can assist you. Ours is the number one company for skip hire Middlesbrough has.

Skips aren’t something you should consider just to get everything out of your way. In truth, inadequate rubbish management has a myriad of consequences. The following are issues that you really need to be aware of.


To begin with, it’s possible for fires to break out. Consider the volume of refuse you do or don’t get rid of that’s flammable. This could be anything from wood and wrappers to insulation materials and newspapers. Car tyres in particular can cause massive flames. Furthermore, manufacturers create them using hazardous chemicals. Said chemicals escape into the atmosphere when you burn them. Knowing this, it shouldn’t surprise you that tyre storage is rigorously regulated.

Environmental effects

Poor litter management harms the environment as well. The population knows of some issues more than they do others. However, the less obvious ones are no less detrimental. For example, junk piles can block drainage networks and waterways. This generates static water pools that critters can use as breeding grounds. Leftovers can have a harmful effect on local water and soil supplies too. Decomposing waste is also dangerous. This is because it can produce greenhouse gas emissions. The most significant of these is methane.

At L&C Skip Hire, we commit ourselves to providing the safest and most environmentally friendly services around. We will dispose of your materials in the proper manner and recycle everything we can. Rely on us if you ever need help with good waste management.

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