The regulations surrounding skip hire

If you are looking into hiring a skip for either domestic or commercial purposes you will need to know about the rules and regulations that surround it. From avoiding toxic waste to securing the correct permit, there is a lot to consider prior to hiring. The leading team for skip hire Middlesbrough has to offer would like to outline what you need to know and the rules to comply with.

One of the main points you need to know of is what can’t be put in a skip. Although skips are solely designed for disposing of different kinds of waste, there is some that should be kept out. These regulations are in place for the interest of the public and environment. You might think that these measures are not very important, or authorities may turn a blind eye. However, if you do dispose of any prohibited items in your skip, you’re running the risk of the waste not being removed or additional charges. Here are just some of the items you shouldn’t dispose of; pesticides, paint, oil, batteries, medical waste, asbestos, and gas cylinders.

When you hire a skip for domestic or commercial use that will sit on a road, you will need to obtain a permit from your council. This is a requirement that falls under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984. Usually you can make this application through the skip company, although some local councils prefer the application is made directly to them. Your skip hire company can provide advice on organising this. It is also important to remember that some councils do have different expiry dates on permits.

Unfortunately, people do try and fly tip your skip. If there is illegal waste present, regardless if you were not the offender, you are responsible for it. So it’s advised you stay vigilant at all times.

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