The right way to dispose of glass in skips

Skips offer their users a practical and convenient waste disposal solution. We give clients a wide collection of units in several sizes. This allows us to arrange services that are suitable for all kinds of jobs. Because of how reliable we are, we have become one of the most trustworthy companies offering skip hire Hartlepool has. Try us today if you want a fast, cost effective service that is also good for the environment.

One question we often get is whether you can put glass in your skip. You are actually able to, but you must follow basic safety precautions. This aids you in safeguarding yourself and our team. In this post we will be explaining how to safely get rid of glass. We will also go over what you can expect to happen to it after you put it in the skip.

Keep it small

Firstly, you should only dispose of small amounts of glass at a time. It is a potentially dangerous substance, especially in very large quantities. So, you should try to limit how much you put in a general waste skip. For example, you can throw old lightbulbs or a mirror in your skip with other rubbish.

Glass only skips

Skip hire HartlepoolIf you have a lot of glass because you have replaced all of the windows in your home for example, you should not put all of this in a skip with other mixed waste. Instead it would be wise to hire a separate glass only skip. It will make it much safer to deal with the waste, particularly when we get it to our facility and need to sort it.

If you are not certain on how much glass is too much, we can help. We will offer advice on what level is suitable for a general waste skip. Feel free to give us a call if you need help from the foremost company for skip hire Hartlepool has.

Handling tips

Glass, particularly the broken variety, is dangerous to move. For this reason, we recommend taking broken pieces and wrapping them up. Afterwards, put them into a cardboard box or another container. You can put it into the skip following this.

With bigger glass pieces, you should tape them up on the broken edges. Mirrors or windows that have shattered/cracked also need taping up in order to hold those pieces in position. This will make handling safer for you and us.

Recycling glass

One of the best things about disposing of glass is that you can recycle it. The material does not go straight to the landfill like many other items. In fact, recycling it has become simpler as technology has improved.

It all starts with glass getting removed from the skip and getting sent to the facility. Then, we sort it by colour. Next, there is a washing stage to remove any impurities. Finally, the glass is crushed, melted, and them moulded to produce bottles, jars, and similar goods.

Skip hire in Hartlepool for any needs

At L&C Skip Hire, we provide skips that allow clients to take on smaller domestic jobs as well as larger industrial ones. Ours is a convenient service as well. We drop the units off at times to suit you. In addition, we can adjust our services to meet your specifications.

So, if you would like to work with the top company for skip hire Hartlepool has, please let us know. You can even ask us for advice about disposing of different waste streams to ensure skips are the right choice for your needs.