The separate categories of waste

Our team aims to provide each customer with first-rate waste disposal solutions. People come to us because they consider our business the best one for skip hire Middlesbrough has. We have skips suitable for every job. When you start using one yourself, you’ll see why everyone loves them.

The main purpose of waste disposal is ensuring that everything ends up where it should. Correctly identifying the materials is an essential part of this procedure. Initially, you might think of this as a difficult task. However, you don’t need to worry; we are going to discuss the different varieties of litter here.


Firstly, we have domestic waste. This is your standard household refuse that homes produce daily. The list includes food, textiles, polythene, glass, ceramics, plastic and paper. At some point, you’ll have thrown each of these away.


The next type of waste is the commercial kind. If a business has generated it, then it falls into this category. This is true even if the items are similar to what you’d find in household waste. The items here could also include printed paper, broken or damaged machines, and empty print cartridges. The scope for the materials is much higher and there are likely to be larger quantities too.

Clinical/medical waste

Clinical or medical waste is another class of rubbish. Medical institutions and hospitals are typically responsible for producing this. Since the waste is potentially harmful, you need to treat it carefully. Needles and blood from patients both count as clinical waste. There could be home injections or medication in your household trash. If there is, it will class as clinical and can’t go with other rubbish.

At L&C, we know how to handle different types of waste. This is why we are the top provider of skip hire Middlesbrough has. Whatever the scale of the job, we can cater for it.

We often have clients asking us whether something in particular can go in one of our skips. Depending on what the item is, we will either allow it in or prohibit them from putting it inside. If it can’t go in a skip we can offer advice about safe disposal.

If there is anything you’re unsure of, please let us know. We can clarify the rules for the waste.