What happens during garden waste disposal?

When it comes to the time for clearing your garden, you may require an efficient way of disposing of the waste produced. This is when hiring a skip can come most in handy. Standing out as the number one team for skip hire Middlesbrough has, we are able to help with every project. With one of our skips you will find a large volume of rubbish can easily be disposed of. We can also ensure the right outcome for the garden waste.

Recycling green rubbish from gardens is a great way to free up land. These materials can be used for a wide array of requirements, including making compost that can be used for growing. Other things such as waste timber, metal, and stone or concrete can also be recycled.

To make garden waste into rich compost it must be taken to a composting site. During sorting, anything that isn’t suitable for recycling such as rocks is taken out. What’s left is laid out to decompose under temperatures of sometimes 60 degrees. The high temperatures do two jobs; make the enzymes work overtime to decompose the soil and destroy any harmful weeds, diseases and microbes. Afterwards the compost is screened a last time, making sure all contaminants are removed ready for shipping to various shops and garden centres.

The most advantageous thing about garden waste disposal is it’s so easy with skip hire. You really don’t have to worry about much to make sure the process will go smoothly. The only thing you need to make sure of is what is being put in the skip. It is wise to ensure it is all suitable materials and not full of contaminants like plastic.

At L&C Skip Hire, we make sure every bit of waste that can be recycled is processed correctly. Ensuring our skips are sorted properly is paramount, especially in regards to garden waste.

If you require fast and reliable skip hire Middlesbrough has no better provider. Contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange the perfect service.