What happens to my green waste?

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Once you opt to recycle organic litter and put it inside your skip, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll reprocess as much as possible. Organic waste can include tree branches, grass cuttings, and similar kinds of green refuse. This variety of junk is biodegradable and possesses high nitrogen levels. It’s polar opposite is brown waste, which has inflated carbon volumes.

At some point, people start wondering what the uses of green waste are. Luckily, we’re here to explain.

Turn it into something useful

We can actually turn the majority of recyclable substances into incredibly handy products. This includes garden rubbish. After your green waste leaves you, it goes to a specialist facility. It is here where it can decay. Normally, this would happen in a huge compost heap. The pressure and heat from the heaps makes sure that the litter breaks down quickly. In different conditions, things would go much slower.

After the decomposition is complete, the specialists will then screen it. They do this to certify that the rubbish is 100% green. In addition, they must look for contaminants that might influence the characteristics. It’s also inspected for hazardous bacteria like salmonella. When they finish testing everything, we can then utilise it to fashion compost.

At L&C Skip Hire, we make certain that we deal with each type of garbage in the right ways. Every skip we have is available for delivery to your location. As soon as you’re done with them, we will then take them back off your hands. We are the most efficient team for skip hire Hartlepool has, delivering fast services with minimal disruption.

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