What kind of waste do businesses generate the most?

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The UK’s waste problem

Estimates had the UK producing 43.9 million tonnes of industrial and commercial rubbish in 2018. Of this, 85% was in England. The most recent statistics only for England indicate that the total was roughly 33.8 million tonnes in 2020.

In this post, we want to discuss the alarming levels of refuse generated by businesses. It is also crucial to explore the significance of efficient waste management practices here.

Environmental impact

Skip hire StocktonOne of the leading problems with the level of waste created by businesses is how it impacts the environment. Most litter goes to landfill sites. Here, it creates harmful greenhouse gases. In truth, within the UK the biggest contributor to methane emissions from the waste industry is landfill. It accounted for 81% of emissions. Methane is a potent gas. It has a warming potential 25x higher than carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, waste creation has a considerable impact on the economy. The high quantity of refuse calls for a greater waste management infrastructure. In turn, this places a strain on national and local budgets. To fight the growing concerns, businesses need to employ a comprehensive strategy. Contact us if you’d like to use the best services for skip hire Stockton has.

What strategies can businesses use?

A comprehensive waste strategy can include minimising it at the source. By introducing eco-friendly processes and practices, businesses can limit the rubbish they create.

A good example would be lowering packaging waste by using recyclable substances. Something else such a strategy can include is reusing and recycling items. Businesses must strive to recycle whatever they can. This includes food, plastic, and packaging. Such action conserves valuable resources and lowers the burden on landfill.

Another thing businesses can try is proper disposal. Deal with a reliable waste management partner. It guarantees that rubbish will be disposed of correctly. Make sure they will adhere to the environmental standards.

Raising awareness is also a good strategy. Teach employees about the significance of waste minimisation and recycling. Doing so can lead to a culture of sustainability at companies.

Developing targeted waste reduction plans

Finally, we will talk a little more about the waste that gets produced the most by businesses. It is critical to know this information so you can develop reduction plans.

The waste statistics tell us that packaging litter is the most frequent category companies create. Materials here include plastic, paper, and cardboard. All three are common for shipping and product packaging.

One other substantial contributor is food waste. The commercial sector generates 9.5 million tonnes every year. This includes catering facilities, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Moreover, businesses create massive levels of plastic rubbish. This harms the environment and contributes to the global plastic pollution crisis.

By knowing what waste types are most common, it is possible to tailor strategies. These are ones that will lower the environmental impact. In addition, they promote a more sustainable, greener future.

Skip hire in Stockton can be vital for waste disposal

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