What should I do with my old tyres?

It’s important to know what you can put in a skip. At the same time, you need to know what you can’t put in there. Tyres fall into the latter category. Disposing of them demands serious attention and care due to the materials. Since they are not biodegradable, you must be careful when you dispose of them. We want to offer some advice about this, then if you want skip hire in Redcar, you can rely on us.

As we’ve said already, you can’t put tyres in a skip. When changing and replacing them, you should know there are plenty of places that will recycle your old ones when you are purchasing new tyres. So, you won’t have as much to worry about trying to find a good recycling point.

However, not all tyre establishments and garages will supply such a scheme. If you find yourself lacking options, you will need to contact a waste disposal specialist. They will make certain the tyres get taken care of.

The trouble with no decomposition

Skip hire RedcarThe major issue here is tyres don’t decompose. As a result, you are not able to leave them outside to break down. When tyres gather in scrapyards or landfills, they can release chemicals into the air, water, and ground. This changes the ecosystem. Unfortunately, tyres release methane merely by sitting in the sun. The greenhouse gas increases our carbon footprint and contributes to climate change.

Should a tyre catch on fire, it will release toxic black clouds into the air. This smoke carries a lot of chemicals that cause major harm to the environment. They are also the reason why we can’t extinguish tyre fires with water. When water encounters a tyre fire, the chemicals wash away. This allows them to seep into groundwater and pollute our waterways. If you need the finest services for skip hire Redcar has, please let us know.

Recycling centres

These centres are the most eco friendly way to get rid of old tyres without question. They can process them effectively to produce new products.

It is surprising how many things can come from old tyres. For example, they can be shredded to become tyre-derived fuel. It is ideal for kilns in the cement-making industry. Silica and steel in the tyres have uses as secondary raw materials too.

In addition, tyre processing can create fine particles of rubber. This material has lots of uses. For one, it is great for manufacturing panels that can supply structures with protection or insulation. Or it could become elastic filler or even tarmac.

Repurposing tyres

Another option with unusable old tyres is to repurpose them in some manner. Do this instead of disposing of them. Tyres can come in handy for a multitude of things. It is even possible for them to save you money. By painting and adding things to it, you can make a tyre into whatever you like. Examples include tyre swings, hanging planters, chairs and ottomans, and sandboxes.

Work with our business if you need skip hire in Redcar

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