What you need to know about skip sizes

Hiring a skip can initially appear like a very simple task. However, a lot of people get into trouble when it comes to choosing a size. Well, look no further; in this article, you can learn a little about the most common sizes you can choose from. This should help you with your decision and make the process a lot less confusing. This is only one of the ways we work hard to try and stay ahead of the game and offer the skip hire Stockton clients can always depend on for their needs.

large skipSkips come in a lot more sizes than you might initially realise. There are the more traditional ones you can get that you find on large construction sites. However, there are also the smaller ones that are perfect for home jobs along with many other options in between. Sure, skips are all great for solving your waste disposal demands. What you need to recognise though is that not every model is suitable for every job.

Mini skips

Generally, 2 and 4 yard skips are considered mini. This is not something most people understand though; after all, when was the last time you had to measure rubbish in this way? Well, a 2 yard skip can hold around 25 black bin bags of waste. With a 4 yard model you are looking at 45 bags.

These skips are the ideal and convenient choice for various applications, or when you are dealing with premises that have limited access. Thanks to their compact size, it is mainly domestic customers who hire them. They are great for disposing of waste from small renovation jobs. They are also incredibly handy when you are looking to tidy a property and clear away furniture or unwanted items.

Standard skips

Skip hirePeople typically describe the 8 yard option as the “standard” size. A sizing people can usually better relate to is 80 black bin bags of rubbish, approximately. The size makes the skip a great choice for all kinds of jobs. You can use it for the same kinds of domestic jobs that we mentioned previously if you have a particularly large property.

Due to its large size, this type of skip often ends up being used for bigger projects including commercial jobs. However, it is worth double checking the amount of access you have before booking just to be safe. As a part of our work offering skip hire in Stockton, we can help you get a road permit if this is something that you require.

Large skips

There are companies out there like ours that offer huge size skips. This tends to be any skip larger than 8 yards. At L&C, we offer 10, 12, 20, and 40 yard options. This would equate to around 100, 120, 200, and 420 black bin bags of rubbish respectively.

These skips offer plenty of space for big waste disposal jobs. It could be emptying a whole property, a brand new development, or extensive renovations. However, once again you should make sure there is enough room to place the skip before booking.

Plenty of choice with skip hire in Stockton

L&C offers a wide number of skips ranging from 2 to 40 yards. This choice along with our dedication to excellent standards of work has made us the company for skip hire Stockton and the rest of Teesside loves using. You can book online or reach out to our fantastic team for help with your needs.