Which metals are worth the effort?

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Scrap metal is far from being an original concept. Yet, it has become more vital over the years as we attempt to preserve our natural resources and cut our carbon footprint. Specific metals have unique uses and we recycle some more than others. With the process of metal recycling, the first thing you must comprehend is which ones are worth repurposing.

The metals that deserve our attention

As one of the most commonly recycled metals of all, you should always try to recycle steel. We utilise it in all kinds of industries, including automotive, construction, hardware tools, and cans. Due to its magnetic attributes, it’s particularly useful in electronic appliances and products.

Copper is most certainly worth recycling as well, even if you only intend to use it for electrical wiring and applications. Non-electrical implementations include roofing and plumbing solutions. Just remember that you need to dilute scrap copper when recycling. Any remaining impurities can ruin your merchandise.

Aluminium is up next and is one of the most versatile metals available. Due to its nature, you can use it in a kitchen, car, and construction components. In addition, the substance’s fabrication procedure aids in minimising the volume of CO2 emissions.

At L&C Skip Hire, we use every opportunity we’re given to recycle your unwanted goods, including metals. Furthermore, we follow the set environmental standards to ensure that we handle every item correctly. Not surprisingly we are considered one of the most reliable teams for skip hire Middlesbrough has available.

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