Why you shouldn’t put plasterboard in a skip

Skips are very useful for domestic and commercial renovation projects. However, you need to be careful with the waste you put in them. Some items are not appropriate for this kind of disposal because they are hazardous. If you are planning a project, it is best to ask the provider for details. As one of the top names for skip hire Stockton has, we can help any local clients with this.

Surprisingly hazardous

Skip hire StocktonOne thing you should never put in a skip is plasterboard. This is a common material you will find in many properties, including homes all over the UK. In most cases it is safe, but in certain conditions it can become very dangerous.

The problem with plasterboard is it contains gypsum and therefore has a high amount of sulphates in it. If you dispose of it incorrectly, a process known as putrefaction can occur. This results in the release of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The gas is poisonous, corrosive, and can be explosive if it builds up.

The putrefaction can occur when the plasterboard gets wet and when it comes into contact with other types of household waste. For those reasons it is not a good idea to put it in a skip along with other materials.

What to do with it instead?

The best way to dispose of plasterboard is to arrange for recycling. It is a material that takes minimal processing to recycle to make new boards. This is a much safer and more sustainable option. You can find companies all over the UK that will collect the materials from you. Some local councils also accept small amounts.

If you do remove plasterboard from a property during a renovation, you need to store it properly before disposal. What you need to do is keep it dry and segregate it from other waste. You should leave it somewhere with good ventilation where humidity won’t be an issue.

Arranging skip hire in Stockton

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