You can’t recycle every food container

When they need skip hire Hartlepool residents contact us for a first rate service. We are always happy to assist people who are unable to deal with their current waste situation. A skip is among the most practical ways to handle large quantities of rubbish. They come in a multitude of sizes and are one of the easiest disposal methods.

One growing part of everyday life is recycling food packaging. This act prevents your general waste bin from getting unnecessarily full. Moreover, it protects the environment. It’s not all smooth sailing here however. The truth is that you’re unable to recycle certain containers when using skips and kerbside collections. The following are some examples of them.

Mixed materials

There are a number of ‘usual suspects’ in terms of food packaging that use a mix of substances. In the majority of cases, they aren’t recyclable. Foil-lined cardboard tube crisp packets are among the unrecyclable goods. It’s the same for plastic drink bottles that include an independent plastic film label. Watch out for plastic-lined cardboard drink cartons as well. If possible, avoid containers like these or reuse them.

Takeaway boxes

You cannot recycle most takeaway pizza boxes either. It’s true that they’re typically made utilising standard recyclable cardboard. However, the cheese and grease residue may pollute the paper in the recycling process. Worse still, by throwing a box in any recycling bin, you risk contaminating the paper that’s already inside.

Microwave trays

The last item we’ll talk about is the microwave meal tray. You’ll be wasting your time if you try to wash and recycle these, especially if they’re black plastic. This material comes with its own unique challenges. For instance, it’s difficult for recycling systems to detect it.

At L&C Skip Hire, we aim to provide a quick and effective solution with our skips. Additionally, we do our part to protect the environment by recycling as much as possible. You can trust in us to offer the most reliable skip hire Hartlepool has.

If there is anything you aren’t sure of, be sure to let us know. Our people will offer suitable guidance. All you need to do is contact us.