Your guide to domestic skip hire

As one of the top providers of domestic skip hire in Middlesbrough we have the skills necessary to perform premium work for the entire region. Over the years our skips have proven themselves invaluable to anyone with more waste than they can handle. Reasonably priced and coming in a series of designs, our skips are the ones you can rely on.

Whenever a home project is taken on a by-product of these efforts may be a considerable volume of rubbish left over. This is likely to be far more than your bins can hold and may include many materials that you cannot dispose of in them. Your best option is domestic skip hire. It offers a simpler and more convenient alternative to transporting several carloads worth of waste to the local recycling outlet.

After you have found your preferred company, the next step is to check for availability of the kind of skip you need and how long you can hold onto it for. One pro tip we recommend that you remember is that you should try to secure a model that is marginally bigger than it has to be. Initially, it may appear more cost effective to go for the smaller sized skips, but you don’t want to end up paying for an additional one because you miscalculated. Furthermore, if you overload your skip, you’ll be breaking the law.

Something else that you should do is determine where the skip shall be positioned. Both access for delivery and collection have to be considered. Not to mention, if the skip can only be placed on a public road, then acquiring a permit will be mandatory. Last but not least, you must make certain that the module doesn’t prevent entrance to neighbouring properties, nor that it is placed within 15 metres of a road junction.

At L&C Skip Hire thanks to our advantageous drop off and collection service, your selected unit can be with you at the specified time and be picked up again after it has been filled. A skip can hold an array of items, but there are some that are prohibited. If you are uncertain as to whether your refuse is suitable, consult our team.