Your guide to handling Halloween waste

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Halloween is one of the year’s most popular events. Sadly some people indulge too much and create a lot of waste. This can be more damaging than you realise. What we are going to do is discuss the detrimental environmental effects this has. In addition, we will see what you can do about the rubbish that you produce.


HalloweenThe skeletons and ghouls aren’t the scariest parts of Halloween. It is actually the plastic waste we generate. In the UK, we throw away roughly 2,000 tonnes of plastics in October. This counts for around 83 million bottles. Most of it originates from costumes. They are mainly made of un-recyclable materials, such as polyester. These end up in the landfill because the children inevitably outgrow them. Plastic decorations are also a problem.

Food waste is an issue too, since millions of us purchase pumpkins. Many are only used for carving purposes, not eating, meaning we are technically wasting food.

What to do

There are things you can do to limit your Halloween waste thankfully. For starters, you can make pumpkin food. Every October, we purchase roughly 10 million pumpkins in the UK. Of these millions, 95% are for carving. We are not saying you should stop doing it. Instead, you can put the pumpkin to use by turning the guts and seeds into tasty treats.

Costumes and decorations

A brilliant idea would be to donate them rather than throwing them away. Some of your costumes and decorations might not have gone down that well. If you are not going to use them again, don’t throw them in the bin. Give them to a friend or charity shop instead. It is better to have someone else take them instead of sending them to the landfill.

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Skip hire StocktonIf you find yourself with too much waste to deal with after Halloween, you can also hire a skip. There is a good chance you could have gone all out this year. You may have a lot of rubbish, including paper or plastic cups. After all, there are many things you can only use once before you need to dispose of them. If you discover that you have a bit too much to deal with, you will definitely benefit from the finest skip hire Stockton has available.

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