Don’t forget safety precautions for skip hire

By ensuring that we always provide a comprehensive service, we leave all of our customers happy. One of the other focuses of our work is safety for everybody. Due to this we go over some of the things you should consider throughout your service below. As the top provider of skip hire Middlesbrough can count on, we always look to reduce risks.

Clear Path

Finding a good place for a skip is important and it should be an area that is easily accessible. You need to remove any obstacles if you can do so. This is because trip hazards are easy to overlook and dangerous. Falling over when loading items in skips can result in serious harm.

If you plan on placing the module on a street you require a permit and an ideal spot. This is for the sake of public safety. The location should be a piece of stable ground with clear visibility. You may also need to use hazard cones and lighting to clearly mark it out it to anyone around.

Overfilling Is Dangerous

The fill line of a skip is far more important than you might assume. When loading and transporting, waste and items can fall out. This poses a danger to you, workers and also other people around, including drivers on the road. Because of this, you should never overfill a skip.

Care When Loading

Heavier items should go into the bottom of the skip where they will be stable. In addition, never take on more than you can handle. Having an extra set of hands to help you load items can save you from straining or hurting yourself.

What Can Go In?

In terms of the environment and people dealing with your waste, there are items that are prohibited from going into a skip. You must dispose of them in a different manner. For example WEEE items have their own directive. Also, things like asbestos and medical waste require specialist methods of disposal.

If you have any queries about our work, get in touch with us. We would be happy to provide you with more details on the skip hire Middlesbrough and surrounding areas depend on. Our commitment to safety really makes us stand out from other providers.